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Over 24 months REP 59.2% APR

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UNSECURED LOANS FROM £1,000 to £5,000

Loan Amount

     24 months.

Representative example: If you borrow £3,000 over 24 months at a flat rate of 28.32% per annum (fixed) with a representative 59.2% APR you will make 24 monthly payments of £195.80, repaying £4,699.20 in total.

Unsecured Loans

What are unsecured loans?

Two of the main types of personal loans in the UK are secured loans and unsecured loans. The main difference is that secured loans are dependent on something you own – usually your home – as a backup if you are unable to repay your loan. But unsecured loans are completely independent of anything you own.

This means that it can be more difficult to get unsecured loans, because the lender has no back up asset such as your home. So many lenders have quite stringent loan criteria for unsecured loans, a good credit score.

But Munzee can offer unsecured loans even if your credit score is less than perfect. As long as the loan is affordable for you, we will consider your application. So if you are looking at unsecured loans, check out how Munzee can help.


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How Munzee Is Different

Standing out from the crowd...

As a direct lender, we make our own lending decisions without having to refer to anyone else. So when we receive applications for unsecured loans we are able to make an instant lending decision and, if the loan is approved, the money can be in your account the very same day.

We make the application process for unsecured loans as quick and straightforward as possible. Everything can be done online : there are no forms to post and no interview to attend.

We also believe in being open and transparent about what you have to pay and when. There is no set up fee and no hidden charges. The normal repayment period for unsecured loans is 24 months, but if you decide to repay early there will be no charge for doing so.

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Unsecured Loans From £1000 to £5000. Min Age 21+ Good Credit History Preferred. 24 Months.
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No Penalty for Early Settlement.

Representative example: if you borrow £3,000 over 24 months at a flat rate of 28.32% per annum
(fixed) with a representative 59.2% APR you will make 24 monthly payments of £195.80,
repaying £4,699.20 in total

Why choose us


Deal with us directly

We are a direct lender, not a broker, we do not charge any fees, so no hidden surprises!


Apply online

No paperwork, no branches,
no stress.


We make it quick

An instant lending decision means if approved, we'll get money to you the same day.


No hidden charges

No set up fees and no additional charges if you choose to repay your loan early.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Our aim is to make this as straightforward and stress-free as possible. So you can apply directly to us online, from the comfort of your own home. No interview, no paperwork, no hassle.

To qualify for one of our loans you need to be:

  • At least 21 years’ old;
  • Currently in employment with a regular income;
  • A resident in the UK with a UK bank account.
  • Be able to afford the monthly repayments and
  • Be generally in good credit standing

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it’s fine with us if you prefer to pay us weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

No. There are no set up fees or hidden costs.

You are welcome to repay your loan early. Just get in touch with us and we will confirm how much there is left to pay. There is no penalty for settling your loan early, and you will pay no further interest once your balance is paid off.

What do people say about us?

The most frequent feedback from our customers is how quick and straightforward it is to apply for a loan with us. Many also add that our staff are friendly and polite. Reviews like this make us proud because our main priority is to give every single one of our customers the best service that we possibly can. Munzee Loans is all about you, the customer, and we’re only happy when you’re happy.