The growing trend for renting everything 

As the cost of living rises, we are all looking for ways to save money. But the good news is this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have some of the more expensive things that you would really like. 

For example, think about:

  • you are going to a special occasion and want something new and different to wear. But will probably only wear it once.

  • your child desperately wants to take up a musical instrument. But how do you know they won’t change their mind in a couple of months?

  • you or a family member really needs an item of baby equipment but it’s just so expensive. And let’s face it, it won’t be needed for long.

In all the above examples, it seems wasteful to spend a lot of money on something that, for different reasons, may not earn its keep.

But there is an answer. Renting.

Renting hit the headlines in the summer of 2021, when it was discovered that Carrie Johnson rented her wedding dress for her marriage to Boris. It was reported that the designer gown would have cost almost £3000 to buy, but she rented it for only £45.

So, if you want to have nice things but can’t really justify buying them, then why not consider renting?

Here are five things that you can rent in 2022.

Renting clothes

You can now rent clothes from many different sources. The obvious place to start looking is online, where websites such as Hurr and My Wardrobe HQ enable you to rent a wide range of clothing. Such websites not only offer fast delivery and free returns, but the rental fees usually include dry cleaning and insurance just in case anything goes wrong.

Some larger stores, such as Selfridges in London, are now also renting out clothes. So check your favourite store to see if they are offering this service.

There are also apps available – such as By Rotation and The Nu Wardrobe – that enable you to arrange to lend and borrow clothes with other app users, without any money changing hands.

Renting baby and children’s equipment

You may already have seen baby equipment such as pushchairs available to rent in environments such as theme parks and shopping centres. But did you know that there are many websites – such as The Baby Loft – where you can rent almost any item of baby and children’s equipment you care to name. 

For example:

  • Prams

  • Pushchairs

  • Cots

  • Car seats

  • Play pens

  • High chairs.

Rental periods are flexible to fit in with your needs. So it’s definitely worth having a look around to see what you could rent instead of buying.

There are also toy rental websites, such as Whirli. These enable you to pay a regular subscription in return for borrowing toys from a huge toy library for as long as you need them.

Renting technical and creative equipment

Technology is increasingly important in our lives, but it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest gadgets. So why not rent them? Particularly if there is something you need for a while but you’re not sure about the longer term, so don’t want to shell out a lot of money. 

For example, you could rent a high performance PC from websites such as Smart UK then return it if you realise you don’t really need it. Renting technical equipment also means you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues.

The same applies to creative equipment such as photography equipment or musical instruments. They can be very expensive to buy, so why not rent instead? Then if you find that you are definitely going to use the item, you can buy it instead.

Look for specialist websites for the items you are interested in, or start with a more general website such as Fat Llama that shows you items available for private rental in your area.

Renting tools and domestic equipment

There are always times when you need tools that you don’t have. But why buy something if you are only likely to need it very occasionally? You may already be aware that many commercial operators – such as HSS and Jewson – operate tool hire services. So you may be able to find what you need there.

But there are also a number of community tool share schemes, so check out your local social media pages to see what’s happening in your area. There are also independent initiatives such as The Library of Things that aim to offer a wide range of domestic items for people to borrow for free.

Renting space

Last but not least, there may be times when you just need a bit more space. Well, you can rent that too! Whether you need somewhere to store stuff, to park your car, or to host a garden party, it’s out there!

  • Storage space

There are many commercial organisations that offer storage space, so this may be the answer. But if you want a more informal arrangement, have a look around on local social media pages or on websites such as Rent Not Buy. You may be able to find someone nearby with a garage or shed available to rent, and you’d be doing each other a favour. 

  • Parking space

Whether you need to park near your home or place of work, you could rent a parking space privately rather than using a car park. Websites such as Just Park or Park on My Drive advertise privately owned parking spaces for both regular or one-off rental.

  • Outdoor entertaining space

Would you love to have a garden party but don’t have a garden? Rent one! Check out websites such as Borrow My Garden that enable you to rent many kinds of outdoor space, including large or small gardens, or fields or woodlands in the countryside. The ideal solution for your outdoor event.

So, if you have lots of plans and dreams, but thought they were beyond your means, we hope that our quick look at renting has helped you to see a possible alternative.

If you need any extra funds to help you with your rental costs, remember that Munzee offers 24 month loans that may be able to help.

For more lifestyle and financial tips from Munzee Loans visit us here again soon.