Ten of the best tech Christmas gifts for 2022

Christmas shopping? There’s always that one person who is really difficult to buy for. And you don’t want to end up getting them the same old boring kind of gift that you usually end up doing – simply because you can’t think of anything else.

So how about this year getting them some kind of tech gift? Yes, we’re talking about gadgets. But what does that mean in real life? Is there really something for everyone? And won’t it all end up costing a small fortune?

Think of a gadget as anything with a bit of tech in it that can make life easier or more fun, even in some small way. In this article we introduce ten gadget ideas that could make wonderful Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. And the good news is that many of them are very affordable. 

Let’s take a look at five gifts under £50 and five between £50-£100.

Five tech gifts under £50

Smart or bluetooth speakers

Amazon’s new Echo Dot 5th generation speaker is very small but still has all the power of a smart speaker to play music – at surprisingly good quality – and respond to requests.

If you want a speaker but it doesn’t have to be smart, take a look at the compact Anker bluetooth speaker which has 24-hour battery life to keep your music going for longer.

Smart tags

If you know someone who is always mislaying things, here’s the perfect gift. Apple AirTags (pictured above right) or Galaxy Smart Tags enable you to use your phone handset to track the exact location of your important items. The perfect gift to make someone’s life much less stressful! 

USB light

If someone you know has to make a lot of video calls and is always complaining how washed out they look, here’s the answer. A USB light can immediately grant them a more natural skin tone and a glowing complexion. One example is Logitech’s Litra Glow Premium LED Streaming Light, pictured below left.


Smart skipping rope

The perfect gift for someone who either already loves their fitness or is looking for a new way to get fit. Tangram’s smart skipping rope – pictured above centre – will enable them to track their skipping time, number of jumps and calories burned. And because it can be used anywhere at all, they have no excuse not to exercise!

Magnetic phone charger

The only potential issue with all this tech, is that much of it depends on having a well-charged smartphone. So what better gift than a wireless magnetic battery pack? Anker’s 622 model – pictured above right – can either be propped on your desk or snapped flat against the back of your phone to keep your phone charged and ready for action. (Just check when you buy that it is compatible with the recipient’s smartphone).

Five tech gifts under £100

A smart doorbell

The market leader is Amazon Ring – pictured below left. This video doorbell feeds live video back to your smartphone so you can see who is there and respond accordingly. You can also add a chime to create a digital ringtone as your doorbell. 

There are also various cheaper options around, such as the one pictured below centre by Blink. So do your research and you could end up with a fabulous gift at a bargain price.

Modular lights

These are a cool gift for any home. For example Nanoleaf supplies a variety of shapes – see triangles above right – that can be arranged on a wall in your home in any configuration of your choice. You can then use the related app to change their colour and brightness, or to get them to react to music. A perfect gift for almost everyone!

Smartphone game controller

If you have a gaming fan on your Christmas list, look no further. Xbox’s Game Pass enables console games to be streamed and played anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a console . . . but help is at hand. The Backbone One controller – pictured below left – can transform a smartphone into a Nintendo Switch-style portable console for a full gaming experience on the go.


Great news! Not only is there a new kid on the block in the world of earbuds – Nothing Ear 1 – but they’re much more competitively priced than many others on the market. They are also aesthetically pleasing – see image below centre – and have excellent active noise cancellation. They are designed to integrate with the new Nothing Phone 1 but can also be used on other smartphones via the Nothing 1 app. 

Polaroid instant camera

Printed photographs are making a big comeback, so why not give a gift that keeps on giving – a Polaroid Now i-Type instant camera. Not only is it a very stylish gift available in a variety of colours – see it in green above right – it has heaps of features for the price, including autofocus. This is a gift that will provide hours of instant fun over the festive season, as well as happy memories for years to come.

We hope that some of the gift ideas in this article will inspire you to finish off your Christmas shopping in style. If you’d like to spread the cost of Christmas, remember that Munzee offers online loans that may be able to help.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and financial tips from Munzee Loans.