how to make staying in the new going out

Tips on how to make staying in the new going out!

According to recent data from The British Retail Consortium, there has been a sharp increase in sales of home accessories and furniture so far in 2023. And one of the main reasons for this is that people are choosing to entertain at home – rather than going out – to cut the cost of eating out. There has also been a rise in spending on streaming services, digital content and subscriptions as people are spending more time at home.

Rising prices look set to continue, and it is expected that the trend for staying in rather than going out will also continue to grow. But how can you make staying in as good as going out? Here are seven ideas that may help : one for every day of the week!


Come Dine with Me

Eating together with friends or family can be a very social and bonding activity. But there’s no need to spend a lot of money eating out every time when you can do it at home instead. And if the thought of hosting any kind of meal fills you with horror, here are three ways to make things super easy so that you can enjoy the evening just as much as everyone else:

  • Ask everyone to bring something. Whether you plan a meal and give them specific things to bring, or make it a buffet or traditional “pot luck” supper, you will end up with a fantastic spread – and also spread the cost!
  • Get a takeaway. And why not? If everyone chips in it will be much cheaper than eating out, and there will still probably be lots left over for the next day.
  • Have a cook in. If you’re comfortable with people in the kitchen then why not make something together. For example, you could host a pizza making evening or make it a bit more complex by having one or two people showing others how to make one of their own specialities.


Whatever way you decide to organise your very own gourmet evening, it should hopefully be a sociable and fun experience at a much lower cost than eating out.


Watch a theatre show

Perhaps you love to go to the theatre but it can be a very expensive evening out. Not only do you have the cost of the tickets, but then there is travel, pre-show and interval refreshments and perhaps also a meal out at some point. Which all adds up to an eye-watering amount of money.

But did you know that you can watch many theatre productions at a small cost from the comfort of your own home? Streaming services such as National Theatre at Home and BroadwayHD enable you to pay for a one off theatre show of your choice. Or you could take out a monthly subscription if you are likely to use it frequently. A perfect showtime without the hassle.


Enjoy some live music

If live music is more your thing there is a lot of choice around. If there are particular bands or artists you like, check out their websites or social media as many artists will either stream shows live or offer viewings of a recent show for a limited time afterwards.

There are also various streaming services that regularly stream live music, such as Get to the Front and Songkick.

Also look on social media for local music groups and pages in your area, as some of these will also have regular online get-togethers for live music and general socialising.


Movie night

If you are a movie fan, the world is your oyster. A night out at the cinema is great, but there is also a wealth of movies on both mainstream TV and the many streaming services available. You can even see many of the newest movies on streaming services within weeks of them being released, and even if you have to pay a premium fee for doing so, it is still cheaper than a night at the cinema.

Of course, sometimes you may just want to watch an old movie and feel all nostalgic, and that can be just as enjoyable – if not more so – than watching a new release.


Do a pub quiz

If you love a pub quiz, then why not run one at home? All you need is a few people, who can bring their own drinks and snacks. You also need some good pub quiz questions and there are many websites around that can help you, for example House of Quiz or Pub Quiz Questions.

If you prefer a live pub quiz, there are various websites and apps to help you do this. Check out Quiz Live or Virtual Quiz and also ask around locally to see if there is anywhere in your area that does a virtual quiz night.


House of games

If you enjoy board games, there is infinite potential for a fun night in. If you love the old favourites such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble or even Mousetrap then why not relive your memories and get your skills back up to date? But there are also many new board games on the market. And if you can find a couple of friends who also enjoy them, that provides the opportunity for fun games nights and a wider selection of games to play. 

You may prefer other games and activities such as card games, computer games, puzzles or jigsaws. The key thing is to make time to do them: ideally find someone who also enjoys the same thing and have a fun evening doing it together.


Health and wellness evening

Perhaps one night of the week you feel like doing something more focussed on your health or wellbeing? So, another option for a great evening in is to do some kind of exercise, such as an online fitness, dance or yoga class.

Even better if you combine this with a home spa evening. After you’ve done a bit of exercise, take time to pamper yourself with your favourite skin, hair and bath products and enjoy a bit of time just chilling out and relaxing for a change.


We hope that the above ideas give you some creative ways to make staying in the new going out, and have a good time wherever you are.

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