What’s in store for Black Friday 2021? How to get the best deal!

If you can’t resist a bargain, then you’ll be delighted to know that Black Friday is fast approaching. Friday 26th November to be precise.

Black Friday 2020 was a muted affair due to the closure of many shops and businesses during Covid-19 restrictions. So Black Friday 2021 is your big chance to get out there and shop till you drop.

But is Black Friday really all it’s cracked up to be? Are there real bargains to be had . . . . or is it just a case of clever marketing hype?

In this article we take a look at:

  • Where did the idea for Black Friday come from?
  • How long does Black Friday last for?
  • How can you find genuine bargains on Black Friday?


Where did the idea for Black Friday come from?

Black Friday is the day immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States. It marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season.

It is commonly believed that the name originates from businesses hoping that Black Friday will make enough money to put their bank balances in the black for the rest of the year.

However, there are less positive origins of the name also in circulation. In the 1950s, the term was apparently used by factory managers bemoaning the fact that significant numbers of workers were feigning illness to extend the Thanksgiving weekend. And a few years later, Black Friday was also used by Philadelphia traffic police to describe the chaos and extra traffic that always seemed to happen the day after Thanksgiving.


How long does Black Friday last for?

Originally it was just one day. Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November, and Black Friday is the day immediately after that.

However, in recent years Black Friday has gradually extended so that now it is more of a season than a single day. Many retailers start introducing Black Friday discounts from around early November. 

But, even so, it is definitely still worth looking out for extra 24 hour bargains on Black Friday itself. 

Another trend that has gained popularity in recent years is Cyber Monday. This is the Monday after Black Friday, so this year is Monday 29th November. The concept of Cyber Monday originated along with the growth in online shopping. It was realised that as well as physically visiting Black Friday sales, shoppers were likely to continue their shopping online over the weekend. Cyber Monday was a way of formally extending that into Monday: even when people are back at work they still have access to the internet.


How can you find genuine bargains on Black Friday?

Let’s look at:

  • Some of the retailers participating in Black Friday;
  • The kinds of categories where you could pick up a bargain;
  • A word of warning.


  • Black Friday retailers

Many retailers have confirmed that they are participating in Black Friday 2021. These include:

Another way you can track down Black Friday bargains is to search for either retailers or products online. Just enter the name of the retailer or item, along with the search term “Black Friday” to see if there are specific Black Friday offers.


  • Black Friday bargains

Black Friday is renowned for bargains on electrical and techy items such as TVs, household appliances, computers, tablets, mobile phones, e-readers, video gaming and consoles and smart devices.

But a wide variety of other items including furniture, household, toys and games, and fashion – to name but a few – will also be available.


  • Black Friday – a word of warning

We don’t want to rain on your parade. 

But before you rush either online or to the shops to grab your Black Friday bargains, just ensure that you are only going to focus on items that you need and can afford.

A bargain is not a real bargain if you can’t afford it. And it can be so easy to get swept up by the hype and end up buying things just because they seem to be a good price. 

One possible exception to this rule is if there is something that you urgently need for your home, such as a new fridge freezer or washing machine. If you can get a good Black Friday price on it, but don’t quite have enough money, it may be worth considering a low apr loan to buy the item at the bargain price then repay the loan as soon as you can. This could secure you the item at a great price and save you money overall.

But otherwise don’t be tempted to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need, just because they are a bargain. Make the most of Black Friday, but don’t let it overwhelm you.


We hope that this article helps you to prepare for Black Friday, and that you pick up bargains that you need and can afford.

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