Is it actually possible to escape from Christmas?!

The Christmas countdown is merrily ticking away at a seemingly ever-increasing pace.

Many people love Christmas and, for them, the earlier it starts the better. But there are many who don’t, for whatever reason. For this group of people the thought of escaping Christmas is wonderful.

But is it really possible to escape from Christmas? Or is Christmas something we all need to endure once a year, whether we like it or not?

In this article we look at six different ways you can celebrate Christmas with a difference.


Six ways to escape from Christmas

The first thing to be clear on is that it is completely up to you to decide how you celebrate Christmas – if at all. Yes, it can be difficult to make changes if you are in a group of family or friends who always do the same thing every year. There are expectations that you will automatically go along with those plans, even in your heart of hearts you don’t want to.

Sometimes compromises do need to be made. And perhaps you think it is now too late to change anything this year. But if this is the case, you can start laying the foundation now to do something different and escape Christmas next year.

The particular way you escape Christmas will largely be influenced by your reasons for wanting to do so. Let’s take a look at six ways that may work for you.


1. Be there in body, not always in spirit

We mentioned earlier that compromises may need to be made. You may have a deep sense of commitment to family or friends, and feel that you need to spend Christmas with them even if you don’t really want to. So you make the decision to visit but are not looking forward to it.

If this is the case you need to develop a coping mechanism in advance, to ensure that you get as much pleasure as you can; despite the situation rather than because of it. Your specific coping mechanism will depend on your circumstances, but some ideas are:

  • Come prepared with some positive contributions to the visit. For example, stories to tell, safe topics for conversations, games and DVDs.
  • Ensure that you keep some of your normal routines going as far as possible. For example, if you benefit from doing yoga or a run, make time to do these during your Christmas visit. 
  • Take some little treats just for you. Perhaps that book you’ve not had time to read, a laptop for watching Netflix, or some lovely pampering products. Make things as nice as you possibly can in every moment of time you have to yourself.
  • When opportunities arise, try to gently buck the system. For example, suggesting a visit to the pub or a carol service or a long wintry walk instead of all slumping in front of the TV.


Whichever of the above may work for you, the key thing is not to let any negativity or repetitiveness get to you. Try to rise above it, and be determined to do some of the things that you enjoy as well.


2. Set time limits on Christmas duties

Another option in the spirit of compromise is to go along to the visits, parties and events that you don’t really want to be at, but to strictly limit the time you are there.

So for example if you “always” stay with family for 3 nights, cut it down to 2 this year. You still see them but gain a day If you feel obliged to go along to the same old neighbour’s party that you really dread, drop in just for part of it instead. And if you are expected to help at a Christmas event that is way past its sell-by date then perhaps it’s time to be honest and say you don’t want to. If that’s too awkward, just invent an excuse not to.


3. Seize the reins and host Christmas

One brave way of escaping Christmas as everyone knows it is to seize the reins and host it yourself. This brings with it the opportunity to ditch all the things you don’t like and change them for those that you do. 

Hosting Christmas involves a lot of effort and expense, but it may be well worth it in terms of being able to break with the existing ways things are done at Christmas by your family or friends, and introducing new – and better – customs and traditions in their place.


4. Go away for Christmas

Going away at Christmas can be the perfect excuse to have a wonderful time without offending people. It can be even easier to break the news if you have some kind of special birthday or event to link it to.

Being away at Christmas itself can also be a great opportunity to reinforce the concept of Christmas as a season rather than just one day. Emphasise to family and friends that of course you will still see them sometime around Christmas, just not on Christmas Day itself. 

This can also make it easier the following year if you want to do something else differently: the Christmas Day visiting pattern has been broken and the seasonal approach established.

There is still time to organise a Christmas holiday this year if you hurry. If your finances need a bit of a boost to do this, remember that Munzee offers low apr loans which may be able to help.


5. Volunteer at Christmas

One wonderful way to escape Christmas and also to give something back is to volunteer over the Christmas period. 

Crisis at Christmas is still welcoming volunteers this Christmas. Also check out local opportunities in organisations including:

  • Soup kitchens.
  • Food banks.
  • Hospitals.
  • Care homes.
  • Refuges.
  • Animal shelters.


Giving your time on Christmas Day could make a huge difference to someone else’s life, and also bring you a great sense of reward. As well as providing a very valid reason not to do the usual Christmas stuff this year.

If you are not able to find any organisation to volunteer for at this stage, you can still make time to fit in some random acts of kindness. For example, have a few gift cards or treat bags with you when you are out and about so that you can give them to anyone who looks as if they would appreciate them.


6. Hibernate at home for Christmas

If you lead a very busy life, the thing you probably want to do most of all at Christmas is just hibernate at home. The thought of being able to get up whenever you like, stay in your pyjamas all day, eat what you feel like and choose your own entertainment can be really enticing. And if that’s what you need, then that’s exactly what you should try to do.

Even if it’s not possible to do that on Christmas Day this year, make sure you set aside at least one day sometime over the festive season where you shut out the world and just indulge yourself for a change. You will be recharged and refreshed, ready for whatever 2022 has to offer.


We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, and manage to escape from anything that is not your ideal way to celebrate this time of year.

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