2022: Your ‘must-do’ twelve month bucket list

We’ve all heard the phrase bucket list and kind of know what it is. It’s something to do with all the stuff you want to do in the future, right?

Well yes and no. 

The phrase originated from the 2007 film The Bucket List, about two terminally ill men trying to do everything they want to before they “kick the bucket”.

So in that sense, a bucket list is indeed a list of things that you would really like to do in your lifetime. But, being realistic, you are only likely to achieve it if you start doing some of those things now. If you leave everything to some unspecified time in the future, who knows if you will have the time, money or opportunity to do them.

So in this article we suggest a twelve month bucket list for 2022. One thing that you can do every month of this brand new year. 

Your bucket list may be different, and you may want to do things in a different order. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that there’s no better time than now to start things moving.

So let’s get going! 



  • Get exercising!

Well we had to start with this one, because it’s almost always in everyone’s top three resolutions. And many people who don’t regard themselves as sporty have on their bucket list to surprise themselves and others by taking up some kind of sport. So if you are a bit of a couch potato but would really like to be fitter, decide on a type of exercise that you think you will enjoy and just go for it. Imagine looking back this time next year and being so proud that in 2022 you finally found your sporting form.

And if you’re already sporty, how about taking things up a gear? Either take on a new sport, get into a team for one you already enjoy, or register for a sporting challenge. Anything that will stretch you and help you improve your skills during 2022. 



  • Do what you love

When people ask you “what do you do” does your heart sink? You hear yourself describing your day job but wish you could be talking about what you would really like to do instead. So perhaps now is the time to start making change happen.

Yes, you need to be practical and do a job that pays the bills, particularly if you have family commitments too. But how about working towards what you really want to do in life even if the time is not quite now. Some potential ways to do this are:

  • Start learning more about your chosen area, and developing your knowledge and skills through training, practice or experience;
  • Set up your own small business as a sideline to begin offering your services on a freelance basis;
  • Look for volunteering experience in your chosen field.

When the time is right, you could be working in your chosen field and doing what you love. But the sooner you start planning towards that, the more realistic that prospect will become.

If you need a financial boost to get started, remember that Munzee offers low apr loans which may be able to help.



  • Learn something new

What is it that you’ve always wanted to know how to do? Whether it’s speaking a language, playing a musical instrument, gourmet cooking, watercolour painting, jewellery making or anything else . . .  now is the time. Why wait until some unspecified future time when you could start enjoying it now?

So find an evening class or a Youtube video or a local group, and start learning.



  • Get involved with charity

Many of us feel uncomfortable when we’re approached in the street to donate to charity. Not because we don’t want to in principle, we just feel a bit put on the spot. And that feeling is often accompanied by the thought that it would be great to get more involved with a charity in some way, we’re just not sure how.

So why not make 2022 the year to get involved personally with a charity? Whether it’s setting up a regular donation, helping out at a local charity shop, organising or taking part in a fundraising event, or providing hands-on practical help, there are many opportunities out there.

Either look for opportunities locally, search for your charity of choice online, or check out websites such as Do It to find your ideal opportunity.



  • Finally get round to that book or movie

We all have a few films or books in our minds that we “really must get round to”. So how about now?

Whether it’s an old film that everyone assumes everyone else has seen, a classic novel you should have read as a child but never wanted to, or even something brand new that you’d like to enjoy before most other people do, now is the time.

It’s incredible how we manage to put off relatively small things like these, assuming that we will do them all one day. So trying to fit in one every month or two from now on could be a great idea.



  • Attend a live sporting event

Even if you are not a big sports fan, there is still something very exciting about attending a live event. As well as football and cricket, see if you can be lucky enough to get tickets for UK summer events such as Wimbledon tennis, horse racing, or the British Grand Prix.

Check out in advance the dress code, and the practical ins and outs of the day, and enjoy every minute.



  • Dramatically change your hair

Most of us tend to look the same most of the time. Often for years. If you bump into an old friend or acquaintance and they say you haven’t changed a bit, we take it as a compliment. But is it? 

For example, if you’ve had the same hairstyle for years perhaps it’s time for a change. If you’ve had a bit of a desire to do something completely different, why not give it a go? Whether it’s the style or the colour you’ve nothing to lose by making that change. If you really don’t like it, it won’t take long to grow out again. So why not take the risk and go for a change that you may love?



  • Meet up with old school friends

However long ago you were at school, chances are you keep in touch with at least a small handful of people who were there with you. This might be on social media, with Christmas cards or even through your family. But you know they’re still out there somewhere, doing their thing.

So why not make 2022 the year when you have a bit of a reunion? It doesn’t have to be anything formal or cheesy, just an informal together in the pub would do. But if you’re lucky, it will feel like the years just slip away and you can enjoy remembering all the happy times together.



  • Go to a live music gig

Live music events were greatly impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions, so now they’re back, why not go along and support one. There are so many to choose from. Of course it’s the large gigs and venues that immediately come to mind, and they can be incredible. 

But if you don’t want to travel too far or spend a small fortune on tickets, also look around for more local opportunities. Many provincial theatres have live music events amongst everything else, where you could see an amazing artist at a really good price. Also check out local pubs and clubs for lesser known performers well worth discovering.



  • Visit a UK town or city you’ve never been to

All the recent travel restrictions have put paid to many of our plans. But even if you are not able or willing to travel abroad, there are still many lovely places to see in the UK.

Just stop and think for a minute of all the cities and towns in the UK that you’ve heard are nice but have never been to. Why not pick one from that list and arrange a weekend trip? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but could be a really good time.



  • Enter a TV competition or quiz

Well someone’s got to win! If you love watching quizzes and competitions and always find yourself thinking you could do better, perhaps it’s time to give it a go?

Demand can be high, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a place on your chosen show, but it’s worth a try. If you do get onto the show and don’t win anything, it should still be a fun experience. And if you do win, it could potentially be life-changing.



  • Have the kind of Christmas you really want to 

In our recent article Is it possible to escape from Christmas? we looked at the pressures that people often feel to please everyone else at Christmas, and ways in which you can try to ensure that your own needs are met.

Perhaps Christmas 2022 is the time to be resolute and have the Christmas you’ve always wanted. Whether that’s staying on your own at home, or going away to some picture perfect snowy village is up to you. But if you don’t have that idyllic Christmas now, when will you?


We hope that this article gives you some ideas about how to start doing the things you want to in 2022.


Do check back here soon for more lifestyle and financial tips from Munzee Loans.